Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Record Digging: Shane Linehan

Up next in our Record Digging series is Basic Grooves own Shane Linehan. Arriving on the scene in the mid 2000s, and having cut his teeth spinning on pirate radio and running gigs in Cork and Limerick, Shane Linehan is today an established DJ, producer and label head of Basic Grooves recordings...

What was the first record you bought?

I think it was a defected compilation, by Jazzy Jeff or Masters at Work. There was a solid series of Defected compilations around that time (2005) with a load of good classic house, they were handy for getting the ball rolling with the 'ol collection.

Record you wish you’d written?

Wamdue Kids - Memory and Forgetting. My god what a track. Wish I had the ability to play the keys like Chris Brann does in that tune. There's nothing i'd change about it, solid kicks, amazing chords, and a breakdown that makes me breakdown.

Record which makes you happiest…?

For the last few months - Norma Jean Wright - Saturday. Great message in those vocals and I truly do wish every day was Saturday.

Record which makes you saddest…?

Larry Heard - What About This Love definitely strikes a chord, maybe not a sad one, but it definitely provokes sentimental thoughts.

Record you’d use in an emergency when the dance floor is emptying…?

It'd really depend on the club, the crowd etc... I dunno, i'd usually just take it in a different direction. Boddika's remix of Joy O's Mercy has gotten me out of trouble a few times (I actually have to stop playing that record, it's too easy!).... As has Jeff Mills - See This Way, but again, very dependent on the crowd.

Best after session record…?

CVO - Party Time - "'cos party time is any time", or some proper deep stuff... I played Aybee - Dawn at about 4am at Life last weekend, I love dropping stuff like that when it's late.

Record which had most influence on you…?

Station Q - Special Melody, it was what i based my first release on. Probably wouldn't be everyones cup of tea as it sounds kinda dated now but it was the reason I started Basic Grooves. The new york sound has always been my biggest influence.

Your own record you are most proud of…?

My local talk record definitely opened some doors for me. It was featured on Kerri Chandler's RA mix and was a best seller on Traxsource in 2012. I'm proud of that, most definitely. I was happy with my release on Wetyourself also as I felt "So Much For That" was a step closer to the sound I ultimately wanna achieve. Plus the launch party was amazing.

Cheers for that Shane!

You can catch Basic Grooves most recent release, 'Meditate on This' below. Shane will also be playing the Friday of Body & Soul on the Midnight Circus stage.

Originally written by Amy Coyle for bodytonicmusic.com.

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