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Berghain: Techno with a Pinch of the Downright Ridiculous...

For many music lovers & dreamers, the dream is to get inside one of the worlds most illusive nightclubs. The infamous Berghain. What lengths would you go to in order to get a taste of the sunrise in PBar, or to be at the front of the warehouse during a 6hr Surgeon set?

Having recently spent a year in Berlin I discovered many things... club mate, the joy of records, and clubbing on a Sunday morning.

If you're a techno fan like myself then chances are you've heard of Berghain, or at the very least its record label, OstGut Ton. However, recently, it's not just electronic music lovers who've become obsessed with the ideal that this place represents something out of this world, it's everyone else too.

If you don't know, the club is known for turning many who have queued for hours away because they don't represent the image of that night's party. Berlin all over is known for this really, including the supposedly laid back likes of Chalet or Club der Visionaire, though some places less so. It's entirely possible to find a good party in Berlin that isn't Berghain of course, and still be able to wear what you want, but you have to have patience!

America's Bloomberg news network recently sent their reporter, Hans Nicols, to Berlin to see if he could get past the clubs revered, (or loathed, depending on how you dress) door policy by enlisting the help of a German online fashion retailer, OUTFITTERY.DE to help him find a "Berghain outfit" worthy of 12 hours on the dance floor. (Though he only stayed for one beer!) Madness you might say, but surprisingly not the first time this issue has been discussed. A quick google search will return a shocking amount of questions and articles. (You can see how Bloomberg got on below...)

I personally cringe at the very idea of people thinking this way but maybe it's because I've never had any trouble getting into Berghain when I wanted to be there. In fact, the first time I went I ended up accidentally finding the entrance, and had put absolutely no thought into how I had dressed that day. (This doesn't mean I haven't personally been rejected by Sven. It's embarrassing, I know. I have been turned away once or twice but only when I didn't care about getting in. I'm perfectly happy to take my enjoyment elsewhere. I'd be happy listening to a techno playlist at home with some Sp├Ąti. Maybe that's just me!)

At the end of the day, the policy comes from somewhere we all can understand, they want to keep the people who don't respect the musical & hedonistic environment that is techno out, but sadly it often ends up with having only people who care about image and Resident Advisor's top 100 get in. I've spoken to many who agree that the real music lovers (Who don't wish to wear ridiculous 1ft high sneakers and t-shirts that could also be dresses - apparently they LOVE scarves too?!) are the crowd that end up getting left behind... 

...But maybe that's a good thing, because we'll make our own (better) fun which, for me, is about the music, and not what everyone else is wearing.

Berlin is a wonderful city, there is so much opportunity to discover music and people that you have not encountered before and for this I will always be thankful for my time spent there, but unfortunately no place is perfect, and this is a prime example of that.That said, don't forget to go home. (At least once!)

What do you think of Berghain's reputation? Have you ever felt like resorting to crap fashion trends for the sake of being accepted into a club? 

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