Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Record Digging: Costelloe

Costelloe is the guise of Greystones techno enthusiast, Aaron Costelloe,(ironically!) and label head of Dublin based Signal Code Records, which has been going from strength to strength for the past three years...We caught up with him ahead of his set at Life Festival this weekend and asked him about a few of his favourite tunes to dig out for certain occasions. 

Why start a label in the first place? Aaron became sickened with the amount of pop-up labels that seem to just be releasing endless eps of filler on Beatport week in, week out. He wanted a medium to release his own stuff on as well as other stuff he supports, and so Signal Code was born. When it came to format, it was no question, it would be vinyl only... and what audiophile can really argue with that?

What was the first record you bought?

Marty Bonds - EVA - Extra Vehicular Activity. I just bought it 'cos it looked good. Was only young then and didn't have the balls to listen at the post in Spindizzy. Cousin gave me some old breaks records that I played at 45rpm 'cos I thought they were drum n'bass. Took it home and tried to mix it in to them. Nightmare.

Record you wish you’d written?

Link – Amenity. Has it all. Timeless tune. Has the ability to hold a your interest for 4 minutes without the kick even coming in. Classy number too with subtle undercurrents of mad out of it. As I said it has it all. When the kick finally drops in hnng... Will be playing this one at Life.

Record which makes you happiest…?

M & G - When I Let You Down. If ever there was a fucking tune. Sweet dear Jesus what a banger. Don't know how many 8am high fives have been dished out to that tune.

Record which makes you saddest…?

Way too many to mention. Any of this “deep house” business...

Record you’d use in an emergency when the dance floor is emptying…?

Double FM ‎– Come Together. Belter. Everyone seems to love it. It's house but it's banging.

Best after session record…?

Cristalli Liquidi - Volevi Una Hit (Bottin's oh oh version). Speaks for itself really.

Record which had most influence on you…?

Too hard to call. I'll play it safe and say something from Jeff Mills..

Your own record you are most proud of…?

The Solar Code EP. The newest VA i'm on too. Shameless plug... 12” out in 3 weeks. I think it's a nice mix of artists. Big fan myself of Duplex and Mark du Mosch stuff and of course it's nice having Matt (DeFeKT) involved with his ESS stuff. Nice spacey tune from him.

Cheers Aaron! Aaron will be playing The Twisted Pepper Tent this Friday night at Life Festival from 3-4am.

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