Sunday, 27 October 2013

[ Hal Incandenza - Walking on a Wire ]

UPDATE: We finally got a release! Please support the artist by buying this track but for an advance listen, check it out here:

I've been waiting for a release on this track for a year and a half at this stage, in fact until just recently I didn't even know the song was actually called 'Walking on a Wire', it was just labeled as 'Permanent Track' for quite some time. It's not even the kind of music I would lust after normally, but after I heard the Balance 019 mix one night in Galway last year, I was obsessed. I am only writing about this track now due to Henry (Saiz) being incredibly mysterious about it. Having only mentioned it on Facebook once this year. I'm told that the track shall finally be seeing the light of day this November. 

Who knows for sure, Henry's 'Hal Incandenza' moniker has always been pretty illusive. The rip from John Digweed's March 2012 'Transitions' show will have to do for now I guess... 'Mon Henry!

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