Thursday, 9 May 2013

[ The Sunday Sessions @ The Under Culture Club ]

Last Sunday I made my first appearance DJing in Dublin, it'll probably be my last for a long while as some of you may (or may not) know already that I will be relocating to Berlin in four days time. It was still nice to get one gig in before my departure though and I am definitely looking forward to playing in Fibbers again. Mmmm buckfast. Anyway, here's the set, hope you like it! I plan to post a mix monthly/weekly (depending on how busy I am in Berlin) from now on, so we'll start things off with this one. :)

  1. Darkroom Tales (Original Mix) - Oliver Deutschmann Feat. Loganic
  2. Shantaram (Original Mix) - Bart Skils
  3. Savage (Original Mix) - Pig&Dan 
  4. Kepler (Julian Jeweil Remix) - Pan-Pot
  5. Suntrap (Original Mix) - Shenoda
  6. 40004 (Original Mix) - Wax
  7. Work Da Groove (Original Mix) - OCH
  8. Architectural (Original Mix) - Looking Ahead
  9. Cat Stance (Peter Van Hoesen Remix) - Dario Zenker
  10. Lucid (Original Mix) - Niklas Nummelin
  11. Voiceprint (Reprise) - Function
  12. Prism (Original Mix) - Jacques Green
Can't see the above link?

Can't see the above link?

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