Thursday, 8 August 2013

[[ Techno & Graffiti: Adam X - - - Three Cuts ]]

Yet another interesting feature from Resident Advisor.

This time we see Adam X talking about three of his favourite tracks and recounting some of his favourite rave day memories. Mmmmmmm techno.

'It's no mystery where Adam Mitchell's steely techno sound comes from. As a teenager, he spent his days tagging trains in New York's subway system, a dark and sprawling network of tunnels that still inspires him today. Things got heavy after a while—by the end of the '80s he was the most-wanted graffiti artist in the city—but music offered him a way out. Some 20 years later, he says without hesitation: "techno saved my life."

A lot's happened in Mitchell's life since then. Throughout the '90s he was a key figure in New York's techno scene, both for his music and his record store, Sonic Groove. In the next decade he moved to Berlin and built a cult following with a mysterious side-project, Traversable Wormhole. These days he lives a relatively quiet life on the outskirts of Berlin, producing, painting and watching the trains go by. Each of the records he picks in this Three Cuts invites us into one of these eras.' - Will Lynch, Resident Advisor.

TRX & Credits:

Intro: ADMX-71 - Uncompleted Remnants [Sonic Groove Experiments] 2012
Early Cut: Adam X - Listen [Brooklyn Groove Productions] 1991
Choice Cut: Traversable Wormhole - Where 2D Meets 3D [Traversable Wormhole] 2009
Fresh Cut: Adam X - Coercive Persuasion [SCR Dark Series] 2013

Interview - Will Lynch
Film Production - Patrick Nation

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