Tuesday, 10 September 2013

[ Godfather Sage x FIRST AID 'A Better Day' ]

So today I got my first review submission which I suppose is kind of exciting as an aspiring music blogger! So here's to the first of many!

So we start with a small introduction to the label Noisy Meditation, a Baltimore based label headed by none other than Godfather Sage. They are dedicated to bringing sweet sweet electronica, future bass and deep sounding melodies for your aural pleasure. 

It's nice to take a break from Techno and House music sometimes, no?

'Specializing in electronic music with depth and soul. Listeners can expect to hear lush chords, deep atmospheres and syncopated beats, all set to a pace that creates vibes on the dance floor.'

So onto the EP then..

Interestingly enough the EP is a collaboration from Godfather Sage and Seoul based First Aid.

'Two artists from opposite sides of the world join forces for their collaborative EP "A Better Day", proving once again that music is the universal language which crosses all boundaries and social constructs.'

Now that's speaking my language alright. The 4 - Track EP features many influences from the post-dnb era, and in my opinion it feels like a bit of a cosmic trip through some sort of nebula. My favourite of all four tracks was 'Questions'. I guess I'm a bit of a sucker for those sprawling, lazy basslines. 

It's also worth mentioning that the title track 'A Better Day' reminds me of the soundtrack composed by Disasterpiece to the game Fez which I loved.  There's no real separating the tracks on this impressive EP. You simply just have to take it as it comes and perhaps with a nice pair of headphones and a cup of coffee.

The track list looks a little something like this.  

1. A Better Day
2. Questions
3. Olive Skin
4. A Better Day (Will Miles Remix) 

And of course you can listen & download here:  



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