Tuesday, 3 September 2013

[ Label Spotlight ]

Gone are the days of labels they said. Not. Take a walk into any record shop. Unless you know your labels, you're going to be digging for awhile. These days, if you're attached to a label, that means you share their musical sound, and quality. I have to admit having only began my record collection this year, That I did find myself a little lost digging through all the 001's,2's,43's etc. but the sense develops quickly and now I'd like to mention a couple of small labels that I have been following recently.

I'm proud to offer a small Dublin label as my first selection. Born in 2010, Signal Code aim to bring you the finest offerings of dark, Detroit techno from Dublin and beyond. They've already a couple of great releases under their belt, and with the likes of DeFeKT, Subsignal & The Parallel all on board, it's safe to say there will be no shortage anytime soon.

Next up is MOR Records. The name MOR might already sound familiar to you, and I'm not surprised. MOR Records is merely the newest sub-division of the MOR family. With over 56k followers on the youtube channel as well as a massive 11million+ views. MOR Chillstep is where it began as a modest internet radio station showcasing the best in what was an explosive genre in 2011. They have over 11 genre channels now as well as many other projects on the go. Including the first official release from MOR records which arrived today in the form of a 19 track compilation.  

'Featuring artists, from ambient to chillstep, garage to dnb, glitch to jungle and everything in between.' 

The album entitled 'Genesis' is available for free on Bandcamp

Personally I'm very excited to see what these two very different labels have to offer in the coming months. Keep your eyes peeled, as I will be trying to do a label spotlight on a regular basis. With so many families out there, how could I not. :)

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