Friday, 23 August 2013

[ Record Shopping ]

So it's been a crazy busy week for me. Blogging just slipped my mind altogether. Have been working nights and doing various things in the day then of course going to work once more. I have to say though, none of it feels like a chore like it would back home. I had an interview for an internship with Ex-Berliner Magazine last week, so fingers crossed that works out. In addition to that I've made a few more cheeky purchases in OYE & Hardwax. I just can't resist!

Straight from 1989 is 808 State with Pacific State. God I love this tune. My Mam had this on one of her many 'Ibiza Gold/Cafe Del Mar' chillout CDs so it was a constant growing up. When I heard it playing in Hardwax a couple of weeks ago I just couldn't resist and stuck it in the pile despite it being the odd one out. Absolutely glorious.

The next purchase on the list was this lovely little number from René a.k.a. Wax a.k.a. Shed a.k.a you get the idea. Seamless techno. One of the few artists that can make even a few basic beats loop together and pull you in. I've been a fan of Shed for awhile now and it's safe to say he's not getting tossed out of the ipod anytime soon.

Next wan. A little sampler from Marcel Fengler's Berghain 05 comp. It features three tracks from the full mix, including...

Vril - UV
Reagenz - The Labyrinth
Peter Van Hoesen - Axis Mundi

Love that jacket Marcel.

Last three were these beauties. Haven't had a chance to listen to them fully yet but two of them are favourites anyway so I can imagine on vinyl the whole experience will just be even more beautiful.

I've also been working on a new mix. I should hopefully have it up sometime next week. Anyway, it's getting late and it's my birthday tomorrow so I best conserve myself for the weekend ahead. Have a good weekend folks. :)

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