Sunday, 14 July 2013

[[ I am You Openair @ SuicideCircus Berlin 14.07.13 ]]

So I finished work at 3am this morning, and was on my way home when I decided that there was no way I was sitting in on a Saturday night even if it was actually Sunday morning. We had a few beers and set off on the S down to Warschauer Str. along with a lad asleep on the seats across from us with his trolley in tow. 

I've always passed Suicide Circus and been curious but hadn't ventured in until today. If you've ever been to Berlin you'll know that once the doors open at Warschauer all that can be heard is pounding techno from every direction, even the Spatis. (24hr shops.) Went in anyway and managed to catch the final few hours of the I Am You Open Air.

Line Up for the whole night included:

Dan Caster
Axel Bartsch
Asem Shama
Jen & Berry's
Jan Ketel
Alvary - I AM YOU
Michael Stach

Only managed to catch THEJACKINME and Jan Ketel playing a B2B, the tunes were fantastic. Armed with Cuervo Silver and a pair of shades we danced away for about three hours despite the fact that we were both exhausted from respective six and ten hour shifts at work beforehand. Though I must say, since moving here I definitely understand what the Germans mean by working hard and then playing hard, but I must also note that I am now hanging hard. Just as well I've got a litre of orange juice and some tunes to get me through the evening.

Anyway, here's two sets I managed to find from THEJACKINME & Jan Ketel. Check 'em out. :)

Can't see the link?

Can't see the link?

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