Monday, 8 July 2013

[[ Honey, I'm Home. ]]

Teufelsberg, Berlin
First of all, I am deeply sorry for such a long absence. It took me an absolutely ridiculous amount of time to get Internet sorted in my flat here in Berlin. Thankfully it is now up and running and I can get back to doing what I love most, spamming the masses with musical goodness.

So, I've been here in Berlin for almost two months now. Shocked at how fast the time has gone. I never expected to love it here as much as I have been. I cannot describe exactly how much of a different world it is to home. Even drinking a beer on the S-Bahn home from work is OK, and yeah, I can buy that at 3.30am if I so wish! 

Even after my short time here so far I don't think I can ever see myself being a permanent resident of Ireland ever again. Though with that said, I really do miss Dublin quite a bit. The nightlife there seems to be going from strength to strength. With the announcement of Shed playing The Twisted Pepper on July 27th, I couldn't help but feel a bit sad about missing it, even though I can see him anytime he plays in Berlin? It just feels like seeing him in Dublin would have been amazing. But anyway, I'll stop being a sap now. 

In the last two months I have been busy busy checking out what Berlin's club scene has to offer, and naturally enough, I have not been disappointed. So far I've been to Berghain, Watergate, Tresor, and Sisyphos as well as a few other bars which are technically clubs by my low Irish standards. 

As I left one recently I said to the doorman on the way out, 'What a great little club.' to which he snorted back, 'It's not a club, it's a bar.' Well, OOPS. The place was easily the same size as many of the venues back in Dublin that we call clubs so I don't know how I managed to offend him so badly. Nevertheless I laughed it off. 

Sisyphos, Berlin.
Berghain was everything I imagined, though I went on a Sunday so Panorama Bar was closed, but the garden in there is awesome. Never thought such a festival vibe of a place could exist every weekend. Mind you, as great as Berghain was, it was not the best. 

Yesterday I checked out Sisyphos and dear god, it was amazing, and also only a 10 minute walk from my house. Needless to say I will be gracing them with my presence every weekend until the end of the summer. 

Pictures aren't technically allowed hence the blurry sneaky shot, but I just couldn't resist. 

As for the rest of my time here. I have spent most, if not all of it looking for a job. I found one about two weeks ago but before that I truly thought my Berlin dream was going to end in debt. If you are planning a move here in the near future, I cannot stress how important it is to make sure you have at least learnt the basics of the German language. Seems kind of obvious right? Well before I left I had heard a little rumour, 'Oh everyone speaks English there, you won't need a word of German.' I suppose it was a little ignorant of me to believe such a rumour but alas I did. Anyway, finding work took every ounce of strength and determination I possess and I shudder to think how much money I wasted on printing CVs only to have each person I gave them to, throw them in the bin as soon as I left.My boyfriend had a horrible experience as well but thankfully we both found work just as our hopes were at rock bottom. Which is always the way in a difficult situation I suppose. I'm now working in a nice little bar and restaurant in Kreuzberg called Devil's Kitchen. Loving it so far and have even been learning how to make cocktails, not to mention the fact that it's about two minutes walk from Hard Wax. (Goodbye money!) The food is also amazing, I think it must be coincidence as I am really into my cooking and have always wanted to learn some more middle eastern dishes and this place has the best hummus, falafels and tahini that I have ever tasted. Nom. 

We speak English at the bar so thankfully worries of my ineptitude at speaking German can be put on hold for awhile. There is some truth to the 'Everyone speaks English!' rumour, but alas only in the under thirty age bracket. Most older Germans weren't taught it in school so don't speak a word of it, which is why it was so difficult to get our broadband sorted. I won't even go into it but my boyfriend also had a nightmare experience in one of the German job centres. Just as well my industry is a young one so most of my music talk can be done in English. That said however I do see myself enrolling in courses in the future as I would like to actually be able to speak the language. I can't stand people who travel somewhere and expect the population of that area to bow down for them and speak their language etc. So I've been adding tschüss! to my goodbyes in shops and with the customers at work etc..

I think this post has been long enough now so I'll wrap up with this, which my first vinyl purchase from Hard Wax last month. I don't even have turntables at home but it seems like vinyl is law here so I guess I'ma start collecting. 

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