Thursday, 16 May 2013

[ I'll just leave this here #4 ]

Sorry for the lack of updates folks, I've just moved to the natural home of Beer & Techno, Berlin. Hopefully I'll be sorted with an apartment in the next week or so and I can resume blogging then!
To keep you occupied in the meantime, are a series of mixes by some lad called Gerald. Part one spans the late night vibe which spans into part two with the early morning vibes. Really enjoying it at the moment as the weather here is a scorching 27 degrees (Well, after an Irish winter it feels like scorching!) and it is the perfect sunny day accompaniment. If you happen to be in Berlin on this wonderful day then you can catch A Guy Called Gerald playing the Berghain tonight along with Charanjit Singh and Mobiletti Giradischi. Anyway that's all for now. Can't wait to start updating you with more photos from my first days here. Enjoy yourselves and party hard this weekend where-ever you are. :)



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