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Record Digging: Eric Cloutier

Eric Cloutier has been known as a true selector for almost two decades now, and has learnt how to craft his DJ sets to absolute perfection. So it comes as no suprise that the Detroit-born, & Berlin-based artist holds residencies at some of the most esteemed clubs across Europe and the United States. His focus is orientated on hypnotic dub, techno, and house music, and it appears that there is just no such thing as filler when it comes to Cloutier's choices...

It's arguable, but in my opinion it's quite rare to see an artist who is truly passionate about the music that they play. When I became a fan of Eric Cloutier on Facebook and noticed how often he shares what music is influencing him or driving him on that particular day, I knew that he would be perfect for the latest edition of Record Digging. 

So, on that note...

What was the first record you bought and how old were you?

I guess this one depends on if we're talking like…first ever piece of music I called my own, first ever vinyl I purchased, or first ever techno record I purchased, In which case…let's answer all three. :)

First ever piece of music I bought at the store and took home was the cassette version of "Black Sunday" by Cypress Hill, explicit language version. Let's just say my parents were nonplussed by "Hits From the Bong" and "I Wanna Get High" coming from my room as a twelve year old. 

First ever vinyl? I think it might have been some ska or punk thing…and I honestly think it's "How to Clean Everything" by Propaghandi on Fat Wreck Chords - an album I still know all the lyrics to, 22 years later.

As for first techno related vinyl? I don't even know if I could begin to figure that one out, but I'd venture to guess it was the picture disc version of "Celtic Cross" by Ian Pooley - not just because the track is absolutely bonkers still, but because it's one of the most amazing looking pieces of vinyl I've ever seen. 

Is there a record you wish you’d written?

Jeezes…there's far, far too many to even mention in this category. The first one that comes to mind is "Psyk" by Plastikman. I honestly can listen to that record on repeat for hours and hours - and I have before! I think my record was about 30 plays in a row before either someone complained or I started to question my own sanity. But there's so, so many records I wish I had the skills to produce. Too many!!!

Record which makes you happiest or most nostalgic…?

If you ever want to see me completely lose my god damned brain on the dance floor, play Kenlou's "The Bounce". I will force my way on to the floor with such ferocity it'll scare you, and then flip my lid dancing until it hurts. Better make room! 

Any records that make you sad…?

There's something about "Twice" by Little Dragon that honestly gives me the chills. I can't really place it, but its sombre, very minor-chord composition just destroys me. Makes my spine tingle and goosebumps appear every single time. 

Record you’d use in an emergency when the dance floor is in danger of emptying…?

Dancefloor needs a pick-me-up? Hit 'em with J Dahlb├Ąck's "What's the Time, Mr. Templar." Solid fucking gold. 

Your favourite place to buy records?

Spacehall! Potentially the world's greatest selection of back stock, plus some of the most knowledgeable staff around to help you find gems you'd probably have looked past otherwise. I've not been in a minute, unfortunately, but I usually walk out without lunch money for a couple days. 

Any particular sound system you've enjoyed playing records on more so than usual?

The sound system at Labyrinth Festival is, hands down, the greatest thing I've ever heard in my life, and have had the luxury of being able to perform on. It destroys any club in the world and makes most outdoor festival rigs sound like a fart in a jar. 

Ever experienced an afternoon slump? What record can lift even the most uninspired of moods for you?

Who doesn't have them? I get them on the regular, as I'm sure most people do. But for a revival to my afternoon? Hard to top a little mid-day hardcore around the studio - "I.C. You Are Feeling Drake" by American Nightmare, one of my all-time favorite bands. 

What record made you stop and think, 'Yes. That's what I want to do.'...?

This one is a simple answer - a secret-yet-not-secret weapon - Talismann "Mars Wars." Probably one of THE BEST techno records I've heard in years, perhaps that I've ever heard. 

Your own record or mix that you are most proud of…?

My first mnmlssg mix, #22, was what really vaulted me into an international traveling level, even if before that I was quite well known abroad for my podcasts. I absolutely love this mix and can still listen to it and feel good about it. It really describes my sound quite well; even if I'm a bit faster and harder these days, going back to my roots as a DJ, I cannot stop playing groovy, body-oriented hypnotics in my sets - or for the entire set for that matter! 

Thanks so much for that Eric, We're really looking forward to hearing more of your own productions in 2014. 

I couldn't resist, so here's another mix from Eric that is up there as one of my all time favourites. Enjoy!

Originally written by Amy Coyle for bodytonicmusic.com.

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