Saturday, 18 January 2014

[[ New Releases and a Blurry Christmas Recap ]]

I know my posts have become increasingly random, and I do apologize, my schedule is rather hectic at the moment, an extra long post today to make up for the flakiness.

Well the year certainly got off to a massive start. For three weeks I visited Ireland to catch up and I think it's safe to say I won't be out again for quite some time. It all kicked off with Steffi & Prosumer B2B in Dublin's Twisted Pepper on December 28th, broken up with a bit of Space Dimension Controller in between. It's safe to say that the basement was absolutely heaving that night in what is almost a yearly tradition at this stage. Embarrassingly enough I exchanged a hug with Steffi afterwards only to have us both scream 'Fuck Berlin' rather loudly. I'll blame that one on the copious amount of pints/shots/etc.

Next up was of course NYE. My first ever NYE in Dublin in fact. Despite being from there I have always managed to escape for it. We had bought our tickets weeks in advance for the Discotekken & Bop Gun NYE party and I'm so glad we did, as town was insane. We couldn't even get into the private party for over an hour as almost all of Dublin's underage, chart loving, masses were all queueing for Madison, for some godforsaken reason. The line-up, for Discotekken, not Madison, included some fine Irish talent, such as...

Barry Redsetta [POGO], David Kitt aka New Jackson, The Third Policeman [Discotekken], Chris O'Donohoe [Discotekken], Louis Scully [Discotekken], Press Charges aka Sunken Foal (Planet Mu / Countersunk), Dr Ed (Saudade Afrobeats), Deasy (Front End Synthetics), and Platinum Ray (Bop Gun).

Night eventually rolled into day, which rolled into night again, and before I knew it, and of course before I'd gotten enough sleep, it was time to head back to the Pepper for some Jeff Mills on New Years Day. I was absolutely wrecked for this one but once I got into that main room it didn't really seem to matter to me or to anyone/everyone else in there. I can't even really put it into words, so I'll let the video on the left do the talking... So that was it for the christmas gigs, and for my alcohol intake for the next while. It's safe to say I'm officially on a detox. You won't catch me forking out 60 quid for a farce set of juices though might I add. By the time Andrew Weatherall arrived on the 4th, I was well and truly ready to call it quits for awhile, and in serious need of a Bodytonic loyalty card, but, the kind lads over at Fatty Fatty Phonographics hosted a competition for tickets, which I luckily won, so I couldn't let it go to waste. Which was just as well because he closed his set with one of my all time favourite tunes. Mesmerising. Anyway that's all for now. Remember that if you're sick of me not posting a full blog everyday that I do post over on facebook more often than not so you can 'like' us on Facebook by following the link on the right-hand side of this page. :)

Some new releases for you now that are plaguing my most played, in a good way. 

*New Jackson - Of A Thousand Leaves*

*Martyn - Vancouver (Head High Rmx)*

*Costelloe - Moon Transmission*

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