Wednesday, 7 August 2013

[[ Waze & Odyssey ]]

I think it's safe to say that almost every boiler room set out there does not fail to provide top notch choons but Waze & Odyssey just bring it to another level for me. It's 5pm and I'm dancing around my flat as if it's last Friday night at Club Der Visionaire.

If you had asked me about six months ago who this UK duo were, I couldn't have told you, but ever since I played their R Kelly remix of Bump N' Grind at a gig back in March I've been seeing nothing but mention of them all over the online dance community with remixes and originals alike.

'The UK duo of Waze & Odyssey have quickly become a reputable outfit in club music circles, responsible for a consistent run of bass-infused house rollers that have landed them spots on labels like Southern Fried, petFood, Disco Bloodbath, and more. Recently, the pair lent a blistering track to the killer More Music label compilation—the mixed version of which is available exclusively from Beatport Mixes—which came just weeks after Waze & Odyssey’s “Turn the Volume On”/”Rejected” single dropped via the London-based Body Work imprint.
Suffice it to say, the duo has been putting in work, and as their output has picked up speed, so has the demand for their DJ sets around the globe.'


Need I say more?

Oh alright..


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