Thursday, 11 April 2013

[ Three Cuts - - - Appleblim ]


RA travels to Bristol for the next instalment in our new short film series. The idea behind RA's new film series, Three Cuts, couldn't be more simple. We ask an artist to play us three of their tracks: an early production, a key release and an upcoming selection.

The next edition of Three Cuts poses an interesting question: as an electronic music artist, what do you do when the phone stops ringing? It's something Laurie Osborne has been thinking about a lot of late. The success he enjoyed by running two highly respected labels—Skull Disco and Apple Pips—and producing music allowed him to DJ all over the world, enjoying the comforts (and trappings) that the lifestyle affords. But things have been more quiet recently. Osborne only released one 12-inch in the last couple of years and, all of a sudden, his bookings dropped off. It was time to reassess. As he looked forward to getting back in the studio and "starting again," Osborne charted this journey with his Three Cuts selection when we paid him a visit at his studio in Bristol. 

Intro: Peverelist and Appleblim - Circling [Skull Disco] 2008
Early cut: Appleblim - Girder [Skull Disco] 2005
Choice cut: Ramadanman & Appleblim - Void 23 [Aus Music] 2010
Fresh cut: Appleblim - Flourescent [forthcoming Apple Pips] 2013

Film Production - Patrick Nation
Camera - Cass Cutbush

RA are back with yet another video, this time in the Three Cuts series... I personally love the idea of Three Cuts as it gets an artist to choose three tracks and give a bit more of an insight into them. Appleblim is one of the first Dubstep producers I ever listened to. His track 'Vansan' is one of my all-time favourites, and it's a rare thing for me to ever remember songs at the rate I refresh my iTunes recently added list.

Enjoy :)

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