Friday, 26 April 2013

[Real Scenes: New York]

RA taps into the hustle that's helping a legendary scene roar back...

'Not too long ago it looked like New York's glory days as a center for dance music had passed. As the birthplace of disco and hip-hop and the home of legendary nightclubs like the Paradise Garage, Limelight and Twilo, the city has long been part of the cultural fabric. But as the notoriously grimy city of the late 20th century transformed into the sleek and hyper-gentrified metropolis of today, its thriving underground lost its foothold.
New Yorkers have long flourished under adversity, though, and its now bustling party scene is a testament to this. Promoters, producers and DJs jumped the East River to establish Brooklyn as a new creative center. Lofts and warehouses filled the void left by Manhattan's shuttered nightclubs, and a new generation of producers is infusing the city's musical legacy with the sounds of the international scene. But the luxury condos rising along the waterfront are a constant reminder that the city's relentless evolution could easily stamp things out again. We burrowed deep for our latest Real Scenes film, discovering how some of the key players in this vast scene are hustling hard to make it last.'
Producer and Director - Patrick Nation
Associate Producer - Jordan Rothlein
Editor - Sim Higginson
Executive Producers - Paul Clement, Ryan Keeling, Nick Sabine, Ed Williams
Camera: Dan Higginson, Sim Higginson, Patrick Nation, George Nevin (
Production Manager - Lisa Telfer Brunton
Film Production - Clockwise Media

Yet another gem from Resident Advisor. I really enjoy these segments as it really gives an insight into what's going on within electronic music across the world. When you live in a city you usually just focus on what's going on around you. So it's refreshing to see it from another viewpoint, especially when Dublin is where you call home. ;)

Enjoy, and happy Friday! :)

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