Tuesday, 9 April 2013

[ Between the Beats: Nina Kraviz ]

In celebration of all things controversial, I'm starting off with a post relating to Nina Kraviz. For those of you who may not have seen the RA: Between the Beats feature on one of Techno's current leading ladies, Nina Kraviz, Then I suggest you check it out here;

Having watched the feature I was left with mixed emotions. This is not the first feature I have watched on Nina Kraviz, she was in fact also interviewed for the Slices DVD feature back in August 2012, which you can watch here;

If you've taken the time to watch both of these you'll notice a recurring theme, sexuality.
While I was left feeling somewhat bored by the constant close-ups and candid shots, I did enjoy most of what Nina has to say as an emerging female presence in the electronic music industry.

I'd only be re-hashing what Greg Wilson described perfectly in his blog entry posted yesterday;

and I must say that if Nina can continue to bring out great music and to play sets that are enjoyed then why does it matter if she wants to take a bath on camera? Sure you only love it anyway.

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