Monday, 15 April 2013

[ I'll Just Leave This Here #2 ]

Sorry for the lack of postings this weekend. Friday was legitimate as I popped down to check out Giles Armstrong & Barry Greaves play some serious techno in Sweeney's, Dame St, and Saturday was well, you know as well as I.

Free Techno Dublin's policy is, well exactly what you would expect, free gigs with homegrown Irish talent. Music for the people, by the people. I had heard of Giles Armstrong before so I was somewhat prepared for the night that ensued but I really was impressed with the quality of the night itself. As good as any of the other gigs that were running that night for sure, and I managed to totally forget about Duke Dumont in Grand Social selling out.

Quick example of Giles Armstrong's repertoire;

I also have Part 2 of Bang The Box's 1st Birthday Mix for you. The party will be taking place next Saturday in The Twisted Pepper.

Admission: €13

Bang The Box is Juan and what an amazing year it has been. First off a huge thanks to everyone who has given us the opportunities and believed in us. Without the help and support from all of the wonderful people and promoters down at The Twisted Pepper none of this would have happened, so a BIG shout out to you guys:) Thank you to all the talented DJ's that have come down to play at Bang The Box over the past year and played out the music they love in The Box and most of all a massive amount of love goes to all the deadly party heads that danced their booties off at our gigs, without you guys there would be no party;)

Some of the stand out moments over the year would have to be our 3hour set in The Bunker at No Place Like Dome to 500 nutters on that whopper Function One. Our headline slot in The Dimestore Tent at KnockanStockan. The first gig we put on in The Basement of The Pepper with a local only line up which held the crowd all night. Our first international guest Rick "The Godson" Wilhite and most recently Al's 12hour set at Middle Earth Festival!!

We've made so many great friends and brought loads of people together through partying and we hope to see all of you down in The Box on April 20th. To celebrate a year of partying hard guess what we're going to do?? PARTY HARD! We'll have loads of free beers, new mix CD's, balloons and tunes;)

Its a really big night in The Pepper for this one, its the Dimensions Festival launch party with the one and only Floating Points.


Line Up:

Maeve McKernan
Sean Fitzmaurice
Al Murphy
Ian Macq

Track List:
1. Eric Faust - Sections
2. Dan Drastic - El Pollo Loco
3. Florian Kruse - Margin Call
4. Greg Mak - Maya
5. 2 Deep - Rushing
6. Mood 2 Swing - Passing Time
7. Kerri Chandler - Atmosphere
8. Kenquo - Stuck In A Finished Dream
9. Kerri Chandler - Return To Acid
10. Dirt Crew - In the Park
11. Audio Soul Project - Bit more grit
12. Pezzner - Brooklynn New York - Justin Martin Mix
13. Scott Ferguson - Keep On Loving Me

And finally, my favourite new discovery of the past week..

Cassius Select, which appears to be refusing to embed for me so here's the bandcamp link, for their debut EP, 'One' forthcoming on Hunter Gatherer Records this Wednesday. The track I'm loving in particular is Jamo. I've posted the YouTube link on Facebook too if for some reason Bandcamp doesn't work for you. Nothing like a bit of Dub Techno, and this track is certainly on repeat. :)

'A new project from the prodigiously talented Lavurn Lee, One sees Lee turning his energies in a fresh, exciting direction. One reflects a new state of mind for the artist previously known as Guerre; informed by ritualistic and savage sonic imagery, the EP exhibits Lee’s new found balance between fervent spontaneity and eclectic sound design.
Equally at home on the dancefloor and headphones, the four tracks feature a dizzying montage of colours vying for supremacy; the whole picture threatens to collapse on its own kinetic energy, yet remains taut and tense in the hands of Lee’s signature artistic flair. One takes techno tropes out of their comfort zone into doggedly individual zones.'

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